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    In 3 minutes, the CO2 song summarizes many of the roles of carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is the gas that puts bubbles in beer and champagne. Without CO2, bread would not rise and plants would not grow. 

    But CO2 is also the main man-made greenhouse gas. Cars, trucks, and coal-fired electrical power-plants generate billions of tons of CO2 per year, modifying the climate in the process.


The CO2 Song - Click to hear the song.       

Piano only


Watch the foaming beer as you're pouring,
Frothy, frothy, frothy, thanks to CO2.
Making bread with yeast sets it soaring,
Rising, rising, rising, thanks to CO2.

Soda water does bubble briskly
- Coke and Pepsi also do -,
Playful bubbles, light and frisky,
All of them are made of pure CO2.
In your glass of champagne are stirring
Light and rich, dry bubbles: CO2!
They're the kind that most are preferring,
Rising from champagne: sparkling CO2!

Now breathe in - hah! Now breathe out - pfh!
As you're breathing, out it goes…
Breathe again - hah! Now breathe out - pfh!
CO2 blows from your nose.
As we breathe, night and day,
We are making
CO2, yes, CO2,, real CO2,
Up to a kilo everyday.

See the candle as it gives light,
Shrinking, shrinking, shrinking, ah ha:
On the hearth the log warms the night,
Burning, burning, burning, ah ha:

Billions of tons were released yearly,
Up, up, into the air they flew,
That’s because we love so dearly
Burning oil and coal, kings of

Now those tons keep accumulating,
Forcing heat on Earth - sweaty, sweatiness!
All those tons keep accumulating,
Forcing heat on Earth - fatal, fatal mess!

On US and Canadian roads,
We’re speeding, speeding, speeding - ah ha:
SUVs, their number explodes,
They’re spewing, spewing, spewing - ah ha:

Driving everywhere is the done thing:
Two billion a year thus made - it's true-,
2 billion tons - man, that is something -
Warming the air - that pesky
It is time to put on the brakes
To this wild excess, and also to
The burning of coal which makes
Almost as much, as much CO2.

Switch it on! Switch it off!
You've just made
CO2- no laugh -
Switch it on! Switch it off!
Since coal generates about half...
About half, half of all the electricity
Used in North America is energy
Made from burning coal, certainly.

Not a single plant would be living
Without, without, without, without
They need the carbon to be growing
While supplying oxygen,

The point is not to eliminate
The precious, useful, carbon dioxide,
No, what is fearsome is the rate
At which billions of tons are multiplied.

Now those tons keep accumulating,
Forcing heat on Earth - sweaty, sweatiness!
All those tons keep accumulating,
Forcing heat on Earth - fatal, fatal mess!

Stop now! It's enough!
The heating Earth wants no more of this stuff.
It must stop. Tons and tons
Heat up the atmosphere.
Pity the poor Earth, its climate changes gear.
Don't pretend you can’t hear!
A change in habit's needed, that is clear!

Bear in mind it's fair to claim:
Consumption’s not a game,
The abuse of all good things
For sure deep trouble brings.
Think about what you’re doing,
Use cars and power less,
Or you'll find you'll be causing
A catastrophic mess!

2004 10 20

Lyrics : Professeure Philosoft
Translation: Brian Brice

Music : Robert Schumann

Voice & Keyboard : Florence Khoriaty

Photos: Mario Lalanne

Recorded at the Michel Cassar Studio